About Us

LINE DESIGN is a professional designing firm specializing in Commercial, Residential, landscape Interiors. Our well-trained design team undertakes professional design jobs & executes them in close co-ordination with various agencies engaged for the jobs. The site work is closely monitored by the site co-ordination & site supervisors designated for the particular site & the total co-ordination job between the client & the agencies is taken care of.

The projects handled by the firm are varied ranging from Offices, Shops and Restaurants in Commercial Interiors to Guest Houses, Apartments, Penthouses and Bungalows in Residential Interiors. Besides delhi we also execute projects in other cities like Lucknow, Ludiyana, Jodhpur, jalandhar, Dehradun etc.

Our Services

Our services have been appreciated by the patrons due to the professionalism they are executed with and creativity and innovation contain. Our services include:-

  • Commercial Interiors
  • Residential Interiors
  • Landscape
  • Iinterior Design Consultancy

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